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Ownership comes with many rewards. Sea Ray is dedicated to providing superior service through our award-winning global dealer network, and committed to keeping you informed, engaged and deeply satisfied. Every Sea Ray owner receives complimentary membership in the Sea Ray Owners Club (SROC), and joins the vast community of Sea Ray boaters who enjoy services, support, events and communications throughout the year.

Keeping you informed and engaged.

Owners Club

Owners Club

A sense of belonging

The Sea Ray Owners Club is the oldest and largest club of its kind in the boating universe. Membership has its privileges, from discounts on valuable goods and services, to gifts, events and gatherings recognizing that you belong. But more than anything it is a club of like-minded boaters who know that while anyone can get on the water, only a special group of people do it the right way. Do it right. Join the club.

Sea Ray Owners Club

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Sign up and stay plugged in with the future of boating. Receive an inside look at Sea Ray’s unparalleled Next Wave technology. But be careful—once you know what you’ve been missing, it will be hard to enjoy boating without it.



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Find answers right at your fingertips. From digital catalogs to downloadable boat documents to an exciting and interactive Sea Ray Owner's Club, a world of resources awaits. Stay in touch by joining our social communities as well.

Sea Ray Owners Club