This is inspired luxury.



The L-Class is a stunning reimagining of just how sublime yachting can be. Brilliant aesthetics are a given, but these yachts prove there is no style so luxurious as style founded on commanding performance, rock-solid reliability and world-class craftsmanship. L-Class takes the brilliant foundation of Sea Ray’s steadfast “below-the-waterline” capabilities and raises the bar on how better yachting is experienced. This is luxury with soul, with might, with beauty. This is luxury inspired.

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Stylethrives onSubstance.

Every square inch of an L-Class Yacht is designed with one purpose: achieve the perfect balance of style and substance. These are the five guiding design principles of the Sea Ray L-Class.

No. 01

True Performance in Service of True Luxury.

This is about the experience of true performance. That unmistakable sense of real precision in your hands and under your feet. It’s smooth. Solid. Effortless. And it puts you in complete command.

No. 02

Design Should Have Meaning.

Painstakingly laid out to anticipate your needs. From a thoughtfully arranged salon to the ergonomically designed helm, form and function are blended seamlessly throughout.

No. 03

Never Compromise Comfort.

Comfort unlike anything you’ve experienced before. We raised the bar to exceed every expectation. No compromises. No qualifiers. This is what life on a yacht is supposed to feel like.

No. 04

There Are No
“Little Things”.

Superior at every level. No detail has been overlooked. You can see it in premium stitching and upholstery. And you can feel it in cabinetry and fixtures substantial enough to rival anything found on land.

No. 05

True Craftsmanship Endures.

It’s only a lost art if you stop doing it. Signature Sea Ray craftsmanship—a potent mix of skill and artistry—is on display in every part of the boat.


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